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Everyday Australians like mums and dads need to know what they’re really voting on in the upcoming people’s vote … because redefining marriage comes with many “hidden” consequences.

Your gift today will help ACL raise your voice through radio, television, and social media to inform as many Australians as possible about the risks before they vote.

They urgently need to know:

  • Redefining marriage will threaten your freedom of speech
  • Redefining marriage can take away your religious freedom
  • Redefining marriage is the step before redefining gender itself
  • Redefining marriage will take away children’s rights – every child deserves a mum and a dad

Same-sex marriage is a proxy war for much bigger things.

The real battle here is for the soul of our nation. So we need to get the word out fast. 

Please give now to help build the $10 million Coalition for Marriage battle fund needed to inform Australia before the people’s vote to protect marriage, children, freedom, and more. Thank you!