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Give now to help protect your freedom

A new “cultural Marxism” movement is rising up and creating a “victim versus oppressor” mentality in Australia that’s breeding anger and greater hostility to Christian values.

People hostile to faith tried to silence a young Christian university student named Joshua who offered to pray with a stressed friend on campus, who appreciated his kindness. That prayer led to Joshua being suspended from his university.

Thanks to friends like you, Joshua could turn to ACL for help:

 “They reminded me … ‘You’ve got God and He’ll help you. This is worth fighting.’ They addressed the university [who] took back the suspension and cleared my record, which was a brilliant result.”

It’s crucial we keep raising a strong voice for values to influence our politicians, our law courts, the media, and the Australian public – to protect the unborn from abortion … the elderly from euthanasia … vulnerable women and children from cybersex trafficking … and so much more.

So, thank you for giving today to help reach the $1.03 million goal by June 30 … to strengthen ACL to raise your voice for values and protect your freedom, when ‘truth has stumbled in the public squares’ (Isaiah 59:14 ESV)!